Sirv REST API Documentation

API methods
Documentation for the Sirv REST API methods is available at It contains a summary of each method, how it can be used and a list of properties that can be set.
GET Get account info /v2/account POST Update account info /v2/account POST Set or update account HTTP/S3 fetching /v2/account/fetching GET Get current account API limits /v2/account/limits GET Get current account storage info /v2/account/storage GET Get list of account users /v2/account/users GET Get account billing plan /v2/billing/plan POST Download file from HTTP resource and save it /v2/files/fetch GET Get file approval flag and optional comment /v2/files/meta/approval POST Set file approval flag and comment /v2/files/meta/approval GET Get file meta description (ALT tag) /v2/files/meta/description POST Set file meta description (ALT tag) /v2/files/meta/description GET Get file meta product fields /v2/files/meta/product POST Set file meta product fields /v2/files/meta/product GET Get file meta tags /v2/files/meta/tags POST Add file meta tags /v2/files/meta/tags DELETE Delete file meta tags /v2/files/meta/tags GET Get file meta title /v2/files/meta/title POST Set file meta title /v2/files/meta/title GET Get directory options /v2/files/options POST Set directory options /v2/files/options GET Read directory contents /v2/files/readdir experimental POST Search files /v2/files/search POST Convert spin to mp4 video /v2/files/spin2video GET Get file stats (Unix info) /v2/files/stat POST Upload single file /v2/files/upload experimental POST Convert video to spin /v2/files/video2spin GET Get daily HTTP statistics /v2/stats/http GET Get account daily storage stats /v2/stats/storage POST Get API access token /v2/token GET Get user info /v2/user

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